Sara Lee Foodservice announced the free Hillshire Farm American & Ethnic Sausage Menu Guide app is available for download, helping chefs and foodservice operators simplify meal creation, generate menu ideas, and increase sales.

In addition, the tool educates users on beer flavor profiles and characteristics, allowing operators to create the perfect, and profitable, sausage and beer pairing for seasonal events like Oktoberfest and game time.

“The Hillshire Farm Menu Guide App is a unique way for foodservice operators to develop beer and sausage menu pairings or to create on-trend sausage specials that will turn heads and profits,” says Matt McGuire, director of marketing of Sara Lee Foodservice. “Operators can either leverage their current beer lineup or stock seasonal brews to pair with Hillshire Farm sausage to create new crowd-pleasing flavor pairings that will enhance their current menu offerings.”

The app provides users with access to a comprehensive list of Hillshire Farm commercially available American and Ethnic sausage varieties, as well as an overview of 18 different lagers and ales. These combinations create more than 400 unique pairing ideas and allow users the ability to sort and find recipes by menu application, regional preference, or seasonal events.

Users can also share the pairing suggestions and recipes through Facebook, Twitter, and email. Complete sausage preparation and handling instructions, as well as nutritional facts, are included in the app.

“This app can make any operator feel like a cicerone by applying the extensive beer flavor information with seasonal recipe ideas to create winning menu combinations,” says Chris Kline, senior executive chef of Sara Lee Foodservice. “One popular combination for the fall season pairs the Hillshire Farm andouille sausage with an Oktoberfest-style beer because the savory taste of the sausage plays well with the cinnamon in the beer, providing a distinctive flavor profile that customers will love.”

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