Sara Lee Foodservice, a division of The Hillshire Brands Company, introduced Chef Pierre Luxe Layers perfect flavor pairings, a collection of four pies that combine two distinctive flavors separated by a “midcrust.”  The new pie offering enables operators to provide an upscale pie offering at a midrange price.

“Luxe Layers are truly a new dessert experience that evolve pies into a more gourmet dessert space,” says Jason Katzman, vice president of marketing, Sara Lee Foodservice.  “As the foodservice leader in pie, we regularly bring innovation to the category.  Our unique midcrust innovation is a breakthrough that allows us to create a new dessert that layers perfect flavor and texture combinations.”

Chef Pierre Luxe Layers are available in four flavor combinations:

  • Blueberry with Lemon Meringue – Blueberries and lemon, divided by a layer of piecrust and topped with toasted meringue
  • Apple with Salted Caramel – Cinnamon-spiced apples and salted caramel, divided by a layer of piecrust and topped with crumbled streusel
  • Cherry with Chocolate Ganache – Cherries and chocolate ganache, divided by a layer of piecrust, and topped with whipped topping and dark chocolate flakes
  • Chocolate Mousse with Caramel – Chocolate mousse and caramel, divided by a layer of piecrust, and topped with all-dairy whipped topping

The new pies also feature a seasonal rotation of flavors that match the insight that diners change their dessert preference depending on the season:

  • Fall – Apple with Salted Caramel
  • Winter – Chocolate Mousse with Caramel
  • Spring – Blueberry with Lemon Meringue
  • Summer – Cherry with Chocolate Ganache

The thaw-and-serve convenience reduces the operator labor costs of baking in the kitchen and the pre-sliced presentation offers uniform slices without the need for knives.  Basic handling instructions are listed on the front label with detailed serving instructions on the back.

“Consumers receive a consistent, tasty and unique dessert and operators save time, labor and money in the kitchen, while elevating the dessert experience,” says Katzman.

In addition to Luxe Layers, Chef Pierre offers more than a two-dozen variations of pre-baked, un-baked, pre-sliced, and whole pies.

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