MobileBits Corp. provider of Samy, a leading marketing and engagement solution that facilitates distribution and redemption of digital coupons, offers, commerce, and loyalty, announced it has released a new online business environment and Samy Lite, a mobile customer relationship management (CRM) solution for merchants and retailers available online. Brick and mortar businesses can now launch a complete cross-digital marketing strategy promoting exclusive coupons and offers with measurable redemption results; all while building consumer loyalty.   

Samy Lite is an out-of-the-box marketing and engagement solution that provides any merchant or retailer all the tools necessary to launch their very own mobile strategy. Samy Lite includes a campaign manager for creating digital coupons, offers, and store flyers as well as the ability to replace plastic rewards cards with a mobile version. Samy saves on the complexity and upfront costs associated with custom mobile app development and mobile advertising by providing all the functionality a physical business requires on a pay for performance basis.   

"With Samy Lite, every local store and franchise brand can now build a mobile strategy comparable to those available to their larger corporate neighbors," says Walter Kostiuk, president & CEO of MobileBits. "Samy is designed to provide bricks and mortar stores the tools to connect with and measure product redemption at the point of sale (POS), allowing the merchants to focus on their business, not technology."   

Samy provides an easy to use mobile CRM that enables physical stores to connect with local consumer smartphones and mobile devices while offering marketing, redemption, and loyalty functionality.   

Samy offers consumers a free mobile app to easily select and connect to their favorite local merchants and engage in a variety of exclusive content around offers, coupons, rewards programs, information, events, and more. 

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