Samba Flavor Inc., the producer of gourmet chimichurri sauces, seasonings, and rubs, is responding to demand for more flavorful food by launching ChimiButter at the National Restaurant Association Show in Chicago on May 17-20. 

Available in two robust flavors, the artisanal ChimiButters are made with USDA Grade AA butter and Samba Flavor's signature blend of chimichurri herbs and spices to create an exceptionally vibrant taste that elevates even the simplest dishes. NRA show attendees who visit Samba Flavor at the Specialty Food Association pavilion will be the first to sample the hottest gourmet food trend.

Artisanal Herbed SambaFlavor ChimiButter institutional sizes will be available in two distinctive flavors:

  • ChimiButter White Wine:­ Artisanal herbed butter infused with white wine, it exhibits a sophisticated and balanced flavor that is reminiscent of delicate Italian sauces but with a distinct Latin burst of flavor that can only come from Chimichurri. It is great paired with seafood, pasta, and poultry.
  • ChimiButter Red Wine: Artisanal herbed butter infused with red wine, it displays a richness and smoky depth of flavor imparted by an expertly chosen varietal of red wine. It is the perfect accompaniment of red meat, and is absolutely delicious when spread over crusty hearth-baked bread.

"Samba Flavor is recognized for its high quality chimichurri sauces and rubs, and we're always looking to expand with new and unique gourmet products that appeal to foodies," says Nadia Schwartz, CEO of Samba Flavor. "The fresh flavor profile of our sauces can only be comparable to homemade, and I am excited to introduce our new ChimiButter to the chefs and restaurant industry professionals at the NRA show. There is no other product like this on the market, and I'm confident even the pros will reach for it to add a quick and easy burst of flavor to their culinary creations!"

Samba Flavor has a commitment to using high-quality all natural ingredients in its chimichurri products. Samba Flavor Delicioso Chimichurri sauce is low carb, low sodium, uses only organic herbs, non-GMO oils, and gourmet spices. The Chimichurri Dry Mix is made with Samba Flavor¹s signature blend of herbs and spices. ChimiButter for food service is made with USDA Grade AA butter and is also available made with organic rBGH-free butter.

NRA Show Attendees: Samba Flavor will be showcasing its products at the North Hall Level 3 booth 8075 at the Specialty Food Association Pavillion at McCormick Place in Chicago.

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