Jackson & Partners, a U.S.-based multinational food and beverage manufacturing and marketing company with nine distinct brands that include beef, seafood, appetizers and plant-based products, announced today that sales for 4th Quarter 2021 are expected to exceed forecasts by 40% due to a large influx in retail and food service contracts, according to Alexander Cook, Executive Vice President and Chief Commercial Officer.

Founded by former MLB and NFL superstar and longtime food entrepreneur Vincent “Bo” Jackson in July 2020, Jackson & Partners’ explosive growth during the pandemic, when other companies are experiencing supply chain issues, points to the organization’s aggressive and forward-thinking leadership and culture. Investors in Jackson & Partners include entrepreneur Kevin Harrington of Shark Tank, Larry Wert, past President of Broadcast Media for Tribune Media and NBC, and Richard Brown, Chairman of Browz, LLC, and former Chairman and CEO of Electric Data Systems, Cable & Wireless PLC, H&R Block, Inc. and Illinois Bell Telephone Company. Notably,

Jackson & Partners’ board of directors also includes sports organization owners and a former president of McDonald’s Corporation.

Martin Slusarz has joined Jackson & Partners as Chief Financial Officer/Partner. Martin worked at Discover Financial Services for 23 years, serving as Senior Vice President of Finance for 10 years and was a member of the Senior Management Committee. He held a major leadership role in taking Discover public and establishing public company controls and processes. After that, he served as CFO of C-SAM, a pioneer in secure mobile payments. He was a member of the Executive Committee and responsible for all corporate functions. He partnered with the CEO on a successful capital raise and a strategic partnership with MasterCard, which ultimately led to acquisition of the company by MasterCard. He has also served as CFO of iQUANTI, a data driven, digital marketing company.

“Bo has assembled a first-rate leadership team, a high-quality product line and customer response has been overwhelmingly positive,” investor Larry Wert says. “I became impressed with their product innovation and team energy. It is my honor to join them.”

Jackson & Partners markets nine distinct brands featuring 82 products, including “Veteran Strong Burgers,” “Signature Sideliners,” “Gotcha!,” “Pro Crab,” “World Series,” “The True G.O.A.T.,” and “Tiger Seed.” Products in the Veteran Strong Seafood Dips line are manufactured by disabled vets in the company’s Florida-based plant. Proceeds from Veteran Strong Burgers and Seafood Dips are donated to Hire Heroes, an organization that helps disabled vets and their families. Seafood products are responsibly sourced and brands include plenty of plant-based options. Each of the product lines targets a distinct consumer who makes food buying decisions based on taste, lifestyle and values, all of which are of paramount importance to Bo Jackson.

“My values in the food industry are the same as they were when I was playing sports. I put my all into everything I do,” Jackson says. “I make sure my products have a sustainability and social responsibility aspect to them. Our burgers are named Veteran Strong to honor our American heroes. Here at Jackson and Partners we strive to be the best at everything we do while giving back and embracing responsible business practices.”

Jackson & Partners is experiencing dramatic growth despite launching during the pandemic. Products are available in major retail outlets and the company also provides private label goods for some of the country’s largest grocery chains and food service distributors.

Among Jackson & Partners’ areas of expertise is product creation. Using cutting-edge technologies to develop sustainable nutrition solutions by Kerry across all of its product lines and the best ingredients available, Jackson & Partners creates products that fill voids in the market. Research shows consumers want to feel good about how they spend their hard-earned money. According to a global study analyzing the business values of brands, reported in Forbes in June 2020, consumers are four to six times more likely to purchase, remain loyal to and recommend products if the company behind them has a strong purpose. Further, a 2021 study by AdWeek found that 46 percent of consumers care more about social values currently than they did a year ago.

Jackson & Partners’ emphasis on sustainability, social responsibility and providing the best products at fair prices fits with how today’s and tomorrow’s consumers spend and will continue to spend. With Bo Jackson, a beloved sports icon renowned for his strength, service and humility, in addition to strategic marketing partnerships with industry leaders like Coca-Cola (Grilling with Bo), consumers have a face they can connect to the products, many of which feature sports language that acts as a double entendre. For example, the “World Series” product lines feature global cuisines, including Asian, Mexican, Grecian, Caribbean and Korean. “Pro Crab” is the finest crabmeat product available on the market.

“I believe the broad array of healthy, great tasting products under the Bo Jackson brand of excellence will result in sustained sales growth and wide market appeal,” investor and business luminary Dick Brown says. “Jackson and Partners is well positioned for success.”

Jackson & Partners is creating the recipe for phenomenal success by blending cutting-edge food products that are both timeless and trendy, values that consumers in the U.S. and worldwide embrace and stellar leadership.

“This is a legendary dream team, starting with Bo Jackson and a group behind him who have major experience in product development and distribution. They also have significant industry connections,” Shark Tank’s Kevin Harrington explains. “I am proud to be a partner in this incredible organization.”

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