Embarking on the change of seasons, Saigon Sisters is pleased to present its Winter menu, showcasing executive chef Matt Riordan's creative approach to Vietnamese flavors with seasonal ingredients and modern techniques.

New menu offerings are inspired by Mama Suu's family meals and favorite dishes from Vietnam region like Hoi An.

  • Cao Lau, a popular dish of Hoi An, made with fresh egg noodles, braised pork cheeks, kamaboko, Chinese broccoli, crispy togarashi pork rinds, and house sambal
  • Rich, flavored oxtail Pho with bison carpaccio and house sambal
  • Pho braised beef short rib, pickled purple cauliflower, coconut cauliflower puree, and Vietnamese herb salad
  • Chao, Vietnamese congee with dried scallops, pork belly braised in brown rice, crispy sweet potato, pickled shallots, and sake-fish sauce
  • Tasmanian sea trout with mustard greens, Forbidden rice, butter kimchi broth, and fresh cumin
  • Red piquillo peppers curry with chicken or tofu, sweet potatoes, Thai eggplant, and bamboo shoots
  • Banh Mi Dac Biet, the only banh mi available for dinner, is a deluxe version of a classic with housemade head cheese, pork liver terrine, jalapeno jelly, five spice aioli, and sweet pickled daikon

And for dessert:

  • Our "best new dessert" Che is now made with taro, coconut, and cocoa nibs
  • Roasted winter squash with maple crème anglaise and miso walnut crumble


"Our flavor-packed new menu options utilize seasonings that reflect our Vietnamese roots, and are inspired by the iconic comfort food of Vietnam interpreted in a modern presentation," says owner Mary Nguyen Aregoni. "Chicago's winter months are long, and with these new dishes, we hope to provide comfort and sustenance that will satisfy your taste buds."

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