SafetyCulture, a mobile-first technology company optimizing workplace quality and safety, announced the availability of the SafetyCulture iAuditor mobile app and platform for Microsoft Windows 10, as a result of strong customer demand. Native Windows functionality offers users a streamlined experience for collecting audit and inspection data and syncing it with the SafetyCulture platform, even in remote sites.

More than 76 percent of Microsoft’s enterprise customers are actively piloting Windows 10, and the interface runs on more than 300 million devices worldwide— having already outpaced Windows 8 adoption by 400 percent. To enable Microsoft enterprise customers to ensure quality and safety in work environments where network connections may be unreliable, native Windows 10 functionality for the SafetyCulture iAuditor app is critical. Enterprise managers across the globe can now use SafetyCulture iAuditor as a native Windows 10 app to conduct quality audits, security inspections, employee training programs and asset maintenance tests to raise the bar on workplace quality and safety.

“Mobile is the perfect vehicle to help companies maintain safe, quality workplaces across the globe,” says Chris Bright, ISV lead, Microsoft Australia. “In an increasingly connected world, it’s critical for organizations to protect their people and environments, and partnering with SafetyCulture to bring the No. 1 app for conducting safety inspections into the Windows 10 app store makes this goal a reality.”

SafetyCulture empowers employees to take responsibility for their personal safety while providing rich data analytics that offer managers a window into on-site operations. As a result, organizations can cut inspection times in half, anticipate and avoid problems, reduce business costs, and ensure a safe and quality workplace for staffers and contractors. Expanding the iAuditor app to Windows 10 has resulted in hundreds of signups before the app’s release and continues to fuel the company’s steep growth trajectory, as the software has been used to facilitate more than 30 million inspections to date.

Gillian Findlay, chief operating officer at SafetyCulture, says, “Working with Microsoft and its customers brings us one step closer to our core mission—helping build safer workplaces. With availability on Windows 10 and automatic syncing with the SafetyCulture platform, the SafetyCulture iAuditor app creates a seamless experience for workers and managers alike to conduct offline inspections and analyze the data to improve operations.”

Workers are empowered to take responsibility for their safety, as SafetyCulture iAuditor makes it easy to conduct on-site audits, identify hazards, and produce sharable reports that can be analyzed to streamline operations, cut overhead costs, save time and protect workers’ health. Available on iOS, Android and Windows 10, SafetyCulture iAuditor is used more than 50,000 times per day, in more than 80 countries and by more than 1 million users monthly. For more information, visit

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