Recently, Rusty Bucket Restaurant and Tavern announced the launch of Gary’s Blend No. 10 and Ginger Citrus Bourbon at all restaurant locations.

Gary Callicoat’s love and appreciation for the craft of bourbon led him to a partnership with Woodford Reserve’s Master Distiller to custom blend bourbon barrels for special bourbon blends exclusively served at Rusty Bucket locations.

This is the 10th exclusive blend Gary and his team have made with Woodford Reserve. The bourbon has a nose of buttery caramel, rich maple, and dark brown sugar; the taste has a nice long finish with burnt sugar, peppercorn, and cinnamon.

The cocktail, Ginger Citrus Bourbon, not only features this private bourbon blend, but is also uses Rusty Bucket’s made-in-house mulled wine, with fresh squeezed citrus juices and a dash of apple bitters.

The new blend and cocktail is available at all Rusty Bucket locations, except for the SouthPark, North Carolina, location, for a limited time.  

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