The Royale, Magnificent Burgers, a joint venture between Apheleia Restaurant Group and Plan B, announced it is expanding its partnership with A BAR N Ranch, one of the top cattle ranches for Wagyu beef based in Sherman and Celina Texas.

The Royale, Magnificent Burgers will exclusively serve A BAR N Wagyu beef for all of its beef burger options on the menu while continuing to serve a variety of non-beef burgers such as lobster, tuna, veggie, and turkey. “Because of our partnership with A BAR N, we are able to serve their Wagyu beef, which is of superior quality, at an approachable price point and has health benefits that regular commodity grade beef doesn’t have,” says Richard Ellman, co-owner. Already known for its luxe burger offerings, The Royale, Magnificent Burgers is forging new territory with its transition to an all Wagyu beef menu.

Other than being known for its superior marbling, Wagyu has higher percentages of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, and is lower in cholesterol than commodity beef making it suitable for a healthy well balanced diet. The Royale, Magnificent Burger becomes one of the only restaurants in the country to serve all Wagyu as its beef of choice at a price point that consumers can afford.

The restaurant is also bringing a new look and feel to its bar and patio areas that is highlighted contemporary umbrellas, new art and additional furniture, including high social tables that make it a more adult friendly social dining and drinking establishment.

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