Rouxbe, a leading online culinary school, announced they have partnered with hundreds of high schools, community colleges, universities, and culinary schools to provide online learning tools for students currently enrolled in culinary studies in the midst of the coronavirus crisis.   

As students are no longer able to learn within a traditional classroom environment, Rouxbe is offering the same level of education remotely through these partnerships. Students using the Rouxbe program have full access to: Culinary Foundations Levels 1 and 2, as well as their Advanced Courses on Plant-Based FoundationsSeafood Sustainability, and the James Beard Food Waste program, Waste Not! The cost for these programs are less than 10% of the charges normally assessed if one signed up individually, providing financial relief as well.

“Rouxbe has provided culinary education online for over 11 years, training those who move on to become professional chefs, caterers, restaurant owners as well as highly skilled home cooks,” says Ken Rubin, Chief Culinary Officer at Rouxbe. “Our ability to step in and help students continue their education is an honor, as we know how difficult it can be to put lives on hold. With the ability to access Rouxbe any time, from any device, students are able to work around their kids’ homeschool projects, taking care of loved ones or other jobs they may have.”   

The program is designed to be flexible depending on the needs of each institution, and the exact particulars will vary depending on what works best for teachers and students. Instructors can pick and choose units to assign based on their current curriculum and what may have been covered in previous lessons. Grading can be done using Rouxbe’s auto graded quizzes, or though live grading – either by teachers within each individual school or by Rouxbe instructors.  

“Rouxbe has helped make it possible for our students to bridge the gap between our traditional face to face education and our new remote learning environment; now our students can still reach their goals,” adds Chef Jack Kane, Program Chair of The Miami Culinary Institute at Miami Dade College. “The platform is incredibly flexible and easy to personalize based on what our students need to learn in order to finish their coursework.”

Some of the organizations using Rouxbe for online learning include Big Sky Culinary (University of Montana), Ivy Tech, Monroe Community College, South Seattle Community College, and Scottsdale Community College. 

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