Leading up to Bastille Day (French National Day), the Conseil Interprofessionnel des Vins du Roussillon (CIVR) is pleased to announce that it will be the exclusive wine sponsor of the New York French Restaurant Week, July 7-14. 

Partnering with OpenTable, French Restaurant Week brings to New Yorkers a fine dining experience to sample French food and wines from the Roussillon region.

From delectable reds, crisp whites, and Fortified Sweet Wines (known as Vins Doux Naturels in French), Roussillon wines pair perfectly for those looking to take a journey to France without requiring a passport!

One of France's hidden gems, the Roussillon region is located in the South of France between Spain, the Mediterranean Sea, the Pyrenees, and the Corbieres Mountains. Roussillon is a small area, but with an extremely varied landscape and a sunny, hot climate that favors a truly artisanal vine growing. Vineyards are either perched on cliff tops or nestled in the foothills of the Pyrenees. 

The location, paired with the wine producers' expertise, delivers a variety of elegant wines style making each tasting a real discovery of this not-so well-known region.

"From Italian to typical American dishes such as lobster rolls, pork chops, and cheesecake to Mexican inspired food like guacamole and salsa, the wines of Roussillon go perfectly with the foods Americans love to eat," says Eric Aracil, the export manager of the Roussillon Wine Board (CIVR).

More than 20 participating restaurants in New York City, from Brooklyn to the Upper West Side, will offer an option to diners for $35.78 that includes a glass of Roussillon wine. In addition to the wine pairing option, participating restaurants will offer a bottle of wine with a meal for four diners for $178.90.

"The U.S. is our second-largest market," Aracil says. "However, our wines are still lacking awareness in the country. This is why we decided this year to be part of the French Restaurant Week: so we can show New Yorkers our wine-making expertise and bring to the Big Apple a little part of our sunny and dry Spanish-inspired region."

For a list of participating restaurants in New York, click here.

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