Tracking data in real time is crucial for restaurant operators to operate both seamlessly and profitably. Rosnet, a multi-unit restaurant management system that provides restaurant operators the data they need, when they need it, recently signed on 91 new restaurant locations to utilize its system, which allows restaurant operators to track data in real time thanks to comprehensive analytics pulled across all relevant systems. Rosnet is already off to a strong start in 2019, buoyed by groundwork the company laid last year.

In 2018, Rosnet rolled out vendor ordering integration with Sysco and US Foods, allowing for bi-directional data integration wherein locations using Rosnet technology send in orders and receive confirmation files in return, saving restaurants about an hour a week in ordering time. The company also rolled out a new staffing product that allows employees to swap shifts and manage time off more efficiently. Additionally, Rosnet re-wrote their purchase entry module, making it easier to get purchases into the system, as well as introduced the new platform WorkFlows, enhancing user experience by laying a customizable to-do list over the system and allowing for operators to check off tasks without having to dive into or navigate the enter system.

Always innovating, Rosnet retired three older modules (an older labor scheduling iteration, older purchase entry and an old cog system).

Rosnet’s client services team also closed up an impressive year as 2019 hit: over 30,000 support tickets were closed, with 74 percent indicating a “one touch” solution and a reply time down to 2.8 hours. Client services thus ended the year with 95 percent customer satisfaction, and Rosnet as a whole wrapped 2018 with a 14 percent year-over-year increase in sales. The company also signed on approximately 528 new restaurant locations over the course of 2018, re-investing in server architecture to include over 150 terabytes of RAM.

“We started using Rosnet back in 2012 when we purchased 65 Applebee’s locations,” says VP of IT at TEAM Schostak Family Restaurants, Sandy Reinhardt. “Their team has been great to work with and we never get put on hold. They are quick to answer any questions that we have and provide support 24/7.”

As of January 2019, Rosnet has 21 groups representing around 500 locations in the process of implementation, indicating a powerhouse showing in the quarters to come.

Patrick Bobrukiewicz, Director of Business Development for Rosnet, anticipates substantial growth in 2019.

“In 2019, we’re on track to implement our offering in another several hundred locations, and to continue to innovate to bring our restaurant operators the highest-value services,” Bobrukiewicz adds. “We offer holistic and data-rich technology–everything from staffing, overtime and time off, to ordering, data-driven customer demographic mapping and real traffic versus seated traffic rates. Our integrated technology optimizes the data that restaurant systems are already producing, but not leveraging, so that operators can course-correct in real time. That kind of technology use drives sales and enhances guest experience.”

“The dashboards that Rosnet provide in their system allow us to look at everything into real time,” says Reinhardt. “It gives us a 360-degree view of where restaurant sales are at and if there are any issues with labor. Things change so quickly in the restaurant space, and it is crucial to have data available immediately to fix any issues before they happen.” 

Overall, Rosnet’s nearly 100-location implementation in the first month of 2019 alone should indicate to all that the company has cornered an ever-growing market at a time when integrated technology in the restaurant space is crucial.

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