Robotic Farms LLC, an agricultural technology firm, is charted to build thousands of Gravity Grow Domes worldwide over the next decade under contract with food distributors to supply 100 percent organic fruits and vegetables. 

A single, 30,000-square-foot disaster-proof Grow Dome is equipped with 2,100 Robotic Farms Systems and grows 12 million heads of lettuce annually. Every 5x5x5 space grows the equivalent of one acre of outdoor farmland. The patented technology has the highest recorded yields in history and is the only commercial grade gravity growing system of its kind.

Robotic Farms technology uses science to grow 100 percent organic crops anywhere in the world while being energy efficient, conserves water, and consists of four basic principles:

  • Gravity ( the cylinder garden is always rotating 24/7)
  • Eighteen hours of light using Lumens Principle for maximum healthy yields.
  • Water injection at top of robotic cylinder using proprietary Nutrient Solutions
  • Six hours of lights off so crops can sleep

Gravity and innovative lighting methodology is the key for maximum health and strength of the crops. Robotic Farms developed the lights down to a science applying scientific principles that are the same as the inverse square law. All crops are within 24 inches of the Robotic Lamps creating maximum light energy (Lumens) for 18 hours a day. Lights are off six hours, allowing crops to sleep, creating the most advanced method of growing better, stronger, faster, healthier, and consistent crops with higher yield per acre than outdoor crops.

“The greatest stress food distributors’ face is purchasing enough food for their restaurants, grocery stores, hotels, and others while having sufficient alternate suppliers,” says Eric Williams, chairman and co-founder of Robotic Farms LLC. “So, when a major crop disaster occurs due to a number of potential disasters, food-dependent companies have to re-purchase the products at a higher price plus the higher cost for expediting shipments. Robotic Farms eliminates that stress since we bring the farm next to their distribution centers saving distributors an additional 15-20 percent in transportation costs."

Water conservation is also key. Robotic Farms uses a million times less water than traditional outdoor farming. A single 5x5x5-foot system can grow an equivalent of up to one acre of outdoor farmland annual harvest of 100 percent organic sellable crops. Robotic Farm cylinders use gravity rotation to strengthen crops while injecting nutrient-rich water into roots at the top of each cylinder. This allows crops to receive the correct amount of solution while eliminating overuse of water.

Robotic Farms uses water atmospheric generators, which produce 1,320 gallons of fresh drinking water daily powered by natural gas at a third of the cost of electricity. Robotic Farms is currently talking with solar and wind energy manufactures to create a self-reliant facility.

"Our invention eliminates starvation in Third World countries and we have been charted to build 2,400 Grow Domes in Africa alone, providing abundant water and food by 2024,” says Cylk Cozart, CEO at Robotic Farms.

Robotic Farms also has an official charity, the Cure4Hunger project, which allows the private sector and crowd fund projects this summer at The charity allows the people of the world to sponsor construction of Grow Domes where there are starving communities around the globe in more than 150 nations. Robotic Farms technology allows unlimited crops anywhere in the world regardless of local water or power. Martin Luther King III is the foundation's Global Ambassador.

“Robotic Farms will know very soon if their grow domes will be disruptive or friendly to food distributors," says Gilles Dumont, chief technology officer of Robotic Farms. “Robotic Farms is in a position to partner long term with food distributors. If they embrace the technology distributors will maintain selling directly to their local, regional, and national accounts. We prefer to sell to a few hundred distributors worldwide then hundreds of thousands of restaurants, grocery stores, and hotels. The distributors already have the channels and we can build unlimited grow domes with a simple purchase order.”

There will be some exceptions as the company is in development of growing cocoa in Grow Domes to help farmers in Africa grow certified cocoa, free of child labor. In addition to food, Robotic Farms can grow more than 3,000 types of trees, plants, and flowers to distributors that supply to home improvement chain garden centers.

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