Virtual Dining Concepts announced its newest collaboration for a virtual restaurant, Robert Irvine’s American Heroes. Robert Irvine is a world-class chef, entrepreneur, and tireless philanthropic supporter of our nation’s military through the Robert Irvine Foundation. As the host of Food Network’s hit show Restaurant: Impossible, Irvine has given struggling restaurateurs a second chance to turn their lives and businesses around in over 200 episodes and counting. As is the case with all his endeavors, a portion of the proceeds from Robert Irvine’s American Heroes will benefit the Robert Irvine Foundation.

Irvine’s decades of culinary experience and highly trained palate guides everything his team does. He works by a simple motto: Only the best, period. This dedication to quality is reflected in the menu for Robert Irvine’s American Heroes—a menu with wide appeal that uses top quality ingredients and flavor profiles that will keep customers ordering again and again. Working side by side with the Virtual Dining Concepts team, the packaging, menu, training, marketing, and technology support are all taken care of for market partners. Robert Irvine’s American Heroes menu features heroes, of course—both cold and hot options, with a wide range of fillings, along with sides that perfectly pair with the sandwiches, and brownies in a few decadent flavors for dessert.

“Food has incredible power to bring people together, and that is a big part of what originally appealed to me about becoming a chef,” Irvine says. “To be able to use that power to bring people together around a great meal in the name of a great cause is extra special to me. I’m thrilled to have found such supportive and creative partners in Virtual Dining Concepts, and I have faith this program is going to resonate with people in a meaningful, lasting way.”

Since its inception, Virtual Dining Concepts (VDC) has provided a new route to success and added revenue to restaurant partners. With simple integration into their existing infrastructure, restaurateurs can now sign up to serve Robert Irvine’s American Heroes as a delivery-only option. With no impact to their daily operations and by utilizing equipment and staff already in place, Robert Irvine’s American Heroes menu will only be available online, without impacting a restaurant’s in-person dining and pick-up options. As with other VDC brands like the wildly successful MrBeast Burger, fans of Chef Irvine and supporters of the military will be able to order the menu online, through consumer direct channels, and via third party delivery services that will already be put in place with ease for the participating restaurants. As with all of Irvine’s businesses, a portion of sales will go to the Robert Irvine Foundation, giving back to military service members, veterans, first responders, and their families.

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