Over the past decade, a growing percentage of the population has taken a vested interest in the quality of food people are consuming.

In fact, a recent Technomic report indicates that ‘DIY health’ is among the top ten trends foodservice professionals should anticipate transforming the industry in 2015. Meaning, more consumers are following specific diets, gluten-free being among the most popular.

Seeking to help operators appeal to patrons with dietary restrictions, Rich’s offers a wide-range of gluten-free, flavor-full menu options.

Rich’s gluten-free product line serves as an easy solution for operators who want to adapt their pre-existing menu creations to gluten-free options without sacrificing taste. Quality products ranging from pizza crusts, bread, and sandwich rolls to cookies and brownies, can be easily substituted to make menu choices more attractive to the consumer who follows a gluten-free diet.

“Research reports one in every 20 people in the U.S. has a gluten-sensitivity, and that’s not taking into account those who choose to follow that lifestyle,” says Tina Battistoni, senior marketing manager at Rich’s.

“Our products enable operators to grab hold of that market opportunity while allowing them to simply adapt their menu options. For operators seeking to offer something new, our team is always on-hand to provide insight on innovative usage occasions,” she says.

According to Datassential, more than 30 percent of surveyed consumers have tried gluten-free products away from home and noted a desire to see more entrée options.

While catering to this request, Rich’s also suggests operators take dessert into account, which can translate into additional sales. Many Rich’s products, like gluten-free pizza crust, can be transformed into desserts and other sweets.

Operators can have piece of mind when serving Rich’s extensive line-up of gluten-free options. Rich’s works diligently to not only ensure that the highest quality, greatest tasting gluten-free products are available, but additionally, all of Rich’s gluten-free options are individually, or small-bulk, wrapped to mitigate the chance of cross-contamination.

The Rich’s manufacturing facility has a dedicated gluten-free manufacturing area, which undergoes frequent inspection, and whose products have been certified by the Gluten-Free Certification Organization (GFCOTM), who upholds more stringent requirements than the FDA.

In addition to gluten-free solutions, Rich’s offers a wide-array of products ranging from On Top Whipped Topping and desserts to flatbread, pizza, and appetizers. 

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