Revel Systems, a feature-rich business platform integrating operations and customer channels driven by the Point of Sale into a single dashboard, today announced a partnership with DSYNC. The DSYNC platform connects on-premises and cloud applications together in near real time. This partnership expands Revel’s suite of offerings and revolutionizes how businesses can use data to improve business.

Revel’s partnership with DSYNC enables business owners to gather data from every corner of their business, map disparate systems together, and aggregates information into a user-friendly package for a seamless omnichannel solution. With DSYNC integrated directly into Revel’s cloud technology, businesses can connect to multiple applications including ecommerce platforms, accounting systems, mall integrations, enterprise resource planning and inventory platforms, email, shipping, and others, all while accessing straight-forward data across these channels.

“The Revel/DSYNC partnership is offering business owners unprecedented visibility and control of their operations by moving and aggregating data across systems almost instantly. This increased level of connectivity across business applications ensures scalability and empowers businesses to offer their customers a flawless omnichannel experience,” says Revel COO Bobby Marhamat.

“DSYNC is very pleased to have formed a strategic partnership with Revel Systems,” says Simon Church, COO of DSYNC. “By combining DSYNC’s live data integration platform with Revel’s Point of Sale technology, we are able to provide a new level of connectivity and actionable insights to Revel’s global client base. There has been significant demand for DSYNC’s two-way data connectivity and granular data integration work flows, and working with Revel provides us with an even greater opportunity to empower businesses to meet the demands of today’s omnichannel world.”

The partnership is already providing immediate benefits for Revel System’s customers including Dutch Pantry, who has realized significant success from its DSYNC integration with their existing Revel POS.

“DSYNC has done the unimaginable and helped us bring our online business into the realm of larger businesses,” said Dutch Pantry co-owner Brian Powers. “They have connected our Revel POS to our ecommerce site to ensure accurate inventory is always shown online, which allows us to open our business to an even wider audience. They have worked with us directly to ensure everything is fully functional and we can now ensure our online store isn’t selling products that have gone out of stock in our brick and mortar store.”

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