With consideration to the high levels of seismic activity in northern California, more and more businesses in the area are utilizing Eco-Grip, a seismically-safe flooring system.

When it comes to tile and poured floors, any level of seismic activity can cause problems. Even minor cracks that result from a quake can cause a floor to become unstable over time; cracks can also leak moisture onto the substrate. For a flooring system to be "seismically safe", it must be flexible to move along with the substrate. It must be able to absorb tremors, not crack against them.

Released by Allied Industries International Inc. in 2008, Eco-Grip is manufactured from recycled materials, 100 percent post-industrial and post consumer recycled PVC material. It is a flexible, shock absorbent alternative to tile and poured floors.

"When we designed Eco-Grip Safety Flooring, we were really just responding to demands in the industry. Our clients wanted a floor that wouldn't crack or become hard, even after many years of use in demanding environments, such as commercial kitchens. We were able to provide them with that and more with the Eco-Grip flooring line,” says Joel Martin, CEO of Allied Industries International.

In addition to its flexibility, Eco-Grip provides other inherent safety qualities. It is slip-resistant, even when wet, and is fatigue reducing. There is also a micro biocide built into Eco-Grip that eliminates the production of bacteria, mold, and mildew.  

It's these qualities in particular that have recently attracted the attention of the San Francisco Bay restaurant, institutional, business, and hospitality industries.

"Our market share in the San Francisco Bay area has increased dramatically over recent years. Over the past 12 months, we have increased our business in the California market by over 40 percent. Just recently, 16 new food service venues have opened with Eco-Grip Safety Flooring installed in their kitchens," Martin says.

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