New York hospitality workers eager to supplement their income, or break into the food and hospitality industry now have an incredible resource in their pockets with the launch of Staffy, a new app that is now live in the Big Apple Staffy connects restaurants, bars, caterers, and event runners with eager, qualified workers to sub in when the establishments find themselves short-staffed.

The app, which has been successfully operating in Toronto and Vancouver, currently boasts hundreds of hospitality-establishments and thousands of  workers. To date, thousands  of shifts have been filled for jobs of all skillsets, from dishwashers to Sommeliers and everything in between. On average, a company requests staff once every four days.

“This is by no means a new problem in the hospitality industry, but it is a new solution,” says Staffy CEO Peter Faist. “We’re providing great earning opportunities for hard-working people looking to make extra money, and at the same time helping to solve the ubiquitous issue of absenteeism in an industry where being short-staffed is always problematic.”

This is not an exaggeration: Absenteeism, a problem across all industries, is far greater in the hospitality industry, making it a major pain point for restaurants, causing enormous disruption, and often leading to sub-par experiences for patrons and guests. At the same time, unemployment and underemployment remain a major economic issue facing workers of all generations. Apps like Uber and AirBnB offer great ways to make extra money, but have huge barriers to entry in that people already struggling to make ends meet are unlikely to be able to afford cars or own homes.  

“We’re giving people with all levels of hospitality experience the chance to gain more experience while supplementing their income,” said Faist. “We’re also helping connect seasoned professionals with establishments who would be at a loss without them. It really is a win-win.”

The Staffy App is available to workers, as well as restaurants, catering companies, and event spaces, on Android and iOS.

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