Learning the science behind draft beer dispensing and then the craft and technique of assembling a draft beer system is what the Micro Matic Dispense Institute has been teaching for over ten years. Over 3,500 attendees have been through the Micro Matic Dispense Institute with many attending multiple times. The Center Valley classroom and lab have just been expanded 1,000 square feet. The goal was to bring in modern classroom equipment including SMART Board presentation screens, and the latest in draft beer and wine dispensing equipment. The objective of the Dispense Institute has never been to sell equipment, but allowing students to use and work with the equipment; improving attendees’ technical skills so that they can be ambassadors for draft beer in the world.

Tom Geordt, Technical Director of the Micro Matic Dispense Institute says, “Draft beer dispensing knowledge is always evolving and improving. We are committed to bringing best in class education to attendees of the Dispense Institute. We are proud of the improved and expanded training center in Center Valley, Pennsylvania.”

Scott Zuhse, instructor adds, “Prior to the upgrade we would attempt to limit attendance to 10 due to confined classroom and lab space. With the program’s popularity, 10 attendees would often expand to 12, contributing to a closed-in feeling. Now, with the size increase in both lab and classroom, 12 participants can experience an environment more conducive to learning.”

Class size for the two and half day course is limited to 12 attendees. Students have a balance of classroom lecture and hands-on lab time. Students work in teams to assemble a basic direct draw keg beer system and then a long draw/remote system with trunk line and power pack. The goal is to pour a gallon of beer per minute. Students learn and then demonstrate the effects that the properties of temperature, gas pressure, and line resistance have on beer dispensing.

Attendees have varying backgrounds of skill. Some have years of experience as a draft tech at local beer wholesaler, others just want to understand how their on-premise beer system operates to realize the best return on investment.

Jim Barnett, Regional Sales Manager of the Northeast facility says, “The more people Micro Matic can train and educate, the better draft beer will be in the market place. A proper beer system will deliver increased margins for the retailer and better tasting draft beer for the consumers.”

Micro Matic has four regional training centers connected with sales and equipment distribution facilities. The other locations are in California, Illinois, and Florida.

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