To address increased interest in high-quality, easy-to-prepare foods and offer new ways to enjoy Naturally Better Tilapia, Regal Springs has developed Panko Encrusted Tilapia and Parmesan Encrusted Tilapia with packaging options for both foodservice operations and retailers.

Regal Springs has been tracking culinary trends in foodservice and retail and is updating its portfolio in response to diners’ and shoppers’ evolving preferences, as research showed a growing number of restaurant menus featuring Tilapia with panko and parmesan. These Panko Encrusted Tilapia and Parmesan Encrusted Tilapia products are distributed as frozen fillets and are available in bulk packs and retail-ready boxes.

Aligning with Regal Springs’ dedication to raising Naturally Better Tilapia, these two extensions are sustainably raised, antibiotic free and preservative free. The mild Tilapia taste makes it possible to pair this protein with different sides and use it in a range of recipes, from fish tacos to pastas to salads.

Keith Kandt, Regal Springs Director of Marketing, North America, ays, “The newest options of our Naturally Better Tilapia fillets are designed to continue to give our customers in-demand offerings that are versatile, convenient and delicious. They’re easy to cook and feature the premium quality and taste that Regal Springs is famous for, while reducing the prep time required to create healthy and flavorful seafood dishes for all ages.”

Operators can learn more about the Regal Springs difference and taste it for themselves by requesting a free sample of Regal Springs Panko Encrusted Tilapia at

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