Refrigerated Solutions Group (RSG), an industry leader in refrigerated equipment and service, introduces redesigned Capsule Pak remote refrigeration systems designed to remove heat from workspaces and save operational costs. The new systems are smaller for easier handling and installation with a single electrical hookup.

Capsule Pak Remote Advantages

Capsule Pak remote refrigeration systems consist of a separate evaporator coil and condensing unit which are quick-connected using pre-charged refrigerant line sets. The evaporator coil is mounted on top of the walk-in with the condensing unit located externally, often on a rooftop.

Capsule Pak remote systems eliminate the extra heat discharged by the condensing unit into the kitchen. With the extra heat moved to the outside of a building, air conditioners don’t have to work so hard, which saves electricity.

A remote system also removes noise from the work area for a more comfortable working environment.

Additionally, the evaporator coil is flush-mounted in the walk-in ceiling. Unlike other remote systems with an evaporator coil located entirely inside a walk-in, the flush-mounted coil doesn’t take up interior space which should be used for product storage.

Capsule Pak Remote Simple Installation

In addition to energy savings, operators will also save on installation costs. Capsule Pak remote systems feature quick-connect fixtures on the evaporator coil and condensing unit making it easy to install refrigerant lines. The lines are shipped pre-charged with refrigerant and are available in five ft. increments up to 50 ft. maximum for exterior location.

Capsule Pak Remote Reliability

Each Capsule Pak remote refrigeration system is equipped with the LogiTempTM electronic controller system which features more precise and reliable controls than an all-mechanical system for increased food safety. Should there be an issue with the refrigeration system, operators will know instantly through the error codes provided online.

Capsule Pak remote models also feature other quality components such as highly efficient compressors and fan motors for longer service life.

As a further assurance of reliability, each system comes with a standard 18-month parts and labor warranty.

Capsule Pak Remote Environmentally Friendly Design

Featuring refrigerants with low global warming potential (GWP), systems are designed to be environmentally friendly while providing the highest level of performance. In addition, each system is DOE, AWEF, SNAP and CARB compliant.

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