Reduction Ready, a leading manufacturer of high-quality wine and balsamic reductions, is introducing a first-to-market pre-made wine reduction product, available as single-gallons for commercial and wholesale use that is: quicker and easier than making reductions from scratch; more cost-effective; slowly simmered for rich flavor; without added sugars, salts, fats, thickeners, or artificial flavors; all-natural; low calorie; and fat free.

“Chefs have been using wine and balsamic reductions for generations,“ says Miles Branman, president of Reduction Ready. “We wanted to make the same high-quality, consistently rich wine and balsamic ingredients available to chefs who value the time and cost savings associated with pre-made products.”

These reductions are highly versatile. For meals that simply benefit from the flavor-enhancing characteristics of a wine or balsamic reduction, just add half a tablespoon of Reduction Ready for every 8 ounces of proteins or vegetables, at any step of preparation, for any cooking method, or, for more complex finishing sauces, use Reduction Ready as a foundational layer for deeper culinary creation.

Unlike currently-available “sauces,” Reduction Ready is simply all-natural wine or aged balsamic vinegar slowly simmered 10-fold and complemented with natural herbs and seasonings to create a rich, balanced taste that always enhances, but never overwhelms natural food flavors.

“We’re continuing to pioneer products that make the lives of the food industry’s best chefs easier, while equipping them with healthy, delicious ingredients that satisfy customer needs,” Branman says.

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