There’s no such thing any more as not getting the meal you want when you dine out.

Red Robin recently launched its first iPhone app—a customizer app that encourages guests to build their meal to their taste and dietary preferences from their iPhone.

This service is already available on Red Robin’s website, but the company saw this as the next natural step.

Using the app, which is free, guests can select their meal; add or remove ingredients; add sides, desserts or beverages; calculate the nutritional info of an entire meal or just a portion of it, and save their meal to refer to or edit later.

Surprisingly, customers aren’t making huge changes using the app but are concentrating on smaller alterations like the cheese or the bread a sandwich is served on.

The app was soft-launched about a month ago so that the casual dining chain could iron out any kinks. But soon after that it started getting the word out via Facebook and Twitter, as well as on its own website and via tables in its restaurants

“The idea is to make the food yours,” says Susan Lintonsmith, Red Robin’s CMO.

“We launched the Customizer on our website with the nutritional information nearly four years ago and have about 50,000 people using it every month. Given the popularity of the online Customizer, it made sense to give our guests that same tool as an iPhone app that they can access no matter where they are.”

 Diners can plan their meal ahead or use the app in the restaurant itself, Lintonsmith says, especially if they want to find out exactly what they can do to their meal.

The popularity of the app speaks for itself. In just over a month, it’s already been downloaded more than 2,600 times.

“This is something we’re very excited about,” Lintonsmith says, “and we want to provide more information to our guests at their fingertips, wherever they are.”

By Amanda Baltazar

Industry News, Technology, Red Robin