Prom season is here, and Red Lobster is ensuring prom-goers step out on the scene super clean. How, you ask? To protect their fancy outfits from delicious debris while out dining before their special night, Red Lobster is introducing the Prom Drip Bib.

Red Lobster’s limited-edition prom night ponchos are artfully designed to fortify prom drip, from drips – because nobody wants to ruin their look with ranch dressing, cocktail sauce, or melted butter. With the Prom Drip Bib, guests can indulge in Red Lobster’s deliciousness and crack without consequence while keeping the shell bits at bay.

Beginning Wednesday, April 19 and on a first-come-first-serve basis, while supplies last, seafood fans can visit and fill out the mailing form to grab their FREE Prom Night Drip Bib. 

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