Red Diamond Coffee & Tea announced the launch of Fitz Cold Brew Coffee.  Fitz Cold Brew Coffee boasts the same full-bodied coffee that guests have adored before, now with a new look and feel. 

“We’ve perfected the trending cold brew coffee-brewing method to provide the full-bodied taste of which our founder William “Fitz” Donovan would approve,” says Bill Bowron, Chairman, president and CEO of Red Diamond. “For today’s coffee drinkers who approach coffee much like a fine wine or craft beer, it’s the cold brew that will have drinkers getting their daily Fitz.”

The 100 percent Arabica blend offers a full-bodied, rich, sweet taste, with a hint of nutty flavor. 

Red Diamond cold brew is specially blended for the cold brew process and brings out the distinctive characteristics of the bean. Every cup highlights the unique characteristics of the beans for a flavor even the most discerning connoisseurs love. 

“Today’s consumers know quality and they can taste it,” says Bowron. “As a result, the art of crafting any coffee will always depend on a commitment to sourcing the finest quality beans and roasting them to perfection.  Our cold brew method is based on those same tenets.”

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