PeopleAnswers and Real Mex Restaurants, Inc., the largest full service, casual dining Mexican restaurant company in the United States, announced a new software licensing agreement on September 6. Real Mex will use the PeopleAnswers HR solution to pre-screen, select, and hire managers who will maintain the highest standards in its 123 locations.

“In today’s challenging economy, consumers expect fresh, flavorful food and an outstanding experience when they dine out, and we are committed to delivering both,” says Steven Wallace, executive vice president and chief people officer for Real Mex Restaurants.

“As Real Mex begins a new chapter, PeopleAnswers is a proven technology in our industry that will automate a paper-based process while helping us find and select management candidates who will be energized leaders for each of our core brands and help us strengthen our position as the industry leader in Mexican casual dining.”

The web-based PeopleAnswers assessment test will evaluate candidates as needed, 24/7, and identify the Behavioral DNA® of existing staff to allow Real Mex to focus on management candidates with traits similar to its most successful management team members. After candidates complete the PeopleAnswers assessment test, customized, behaviorally-based Performance Profiles will identify the candidates with existing qualities and tendencies that best match with Real Mex management positions, which should result in happier team members and lower turnover – a differentiator in the restaurant industry.

Real Mex will also use PeopleAnswers as a guide for interview content and to assist in succession planning as well as employee development. PeopleAnswers will integrate with the applicant tracking system Real Mex currently uses to create a seamless and automated recruitment process.

“As Real Mex focuses on managing costs and building its distinctive brands, PeopleAnswers’ proven and efficient ability to hire candidates who will help deliver quality dining experiences will have a positive effect on retention, service and the bottom line,” says Gabriel Goncalves, CEO and president of PeopleAnswers.



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