Real Good Juice Co. may have started as a local neighborhood shop making real good juice for the mouths of Chicago, but these days they’re making way more stuff than just juice. Which is why they’re rebranding themselves as Real Good Stuff Co., serving all kinds of stuff that’s not just real and good, but real good. They’re opening a new concept that’s not just a neighborhood shop—it’s an eatery, snack shop, bodega, healthy market, dessert shoppe, and all-around fun times yummy stuff place.

Opening this fall at 701 N. Wells Street, this new concept called Real Good River North will serve all the delicious favorites that Real Good customers know and love.

But also a much wider range of other real good stuff, like wild salmon, Amish chicken, even line-caught tuna. Aside from the more exotic stuff, most stuff is local and organic, or “loganic” as they like to say.

Real Good Stuff Co. Founder Jon Schiff shares, “We love making real good stuff, and we love finding partners who also make real good stuff, since we can’t make everything. Now, we’re selling all that stuff in one place. It’s like a neighborhood food-hall filled with all kinds of real good stuff. That’s our vision at least. Although soon it won’t just be a vision, it will be a real thing. It will be more real when we open up four more of these next year, and then do it all again and again.” Real Good River North will have several different concepts within one space: The Smoothie Bar, Grab and Go, Hot Bar and The Snack Shack. The common theme across everything? Real good stuff made with real, good-for-you ingredients for you to put in your mouth and/or fridge and/or freezer and/or pantry.

The Smoothie Bar will serve up all the juices, smoothies and bowls that Real Good lovers love to drink and eat.

Grab and Go will have a daily, fresh selection of hot and ready-to-go stuff, like breakfast burritos, oatmeal, soups and lots more.

At the Hot Bar, you’ll be able to get tasty hot stuff like toasts or breakfast sandwiches made-to-order, or build your own bowl with premium proteins and yummy seasonal sides.

The Snack Shack will feature lots of sweet treat-style stuff including Real Good’s vegan, dairy-free NOYOFROYO (Not yogurt-Frozen yogurt) and Juicy Pop frozen popsicles made from Real Good juice. Along with some quick-pick-me-up stuff like a full matcha bar and Metric Coffee.

Plus, you’ll find Real Good Stuff Co. packaged homemade stuff like coconut jerky and paleo granola, along with lots of other yummy products from partner brands that Real Good loves. Just like its newly-named Real Good Stuff Co. sister locations, Real Good River North will feature wholesome, organic ingredients from its trusted local purveyors, including Mick Klug Farms, Spence Farm and Stewards of the Land. Supporting small farms by sourcing real, good-for-you foods has been Schiff’s vision since he founded Real Good Juice Co. in 2014. Schiff says, “We can’t make the real good stuff we love without getting real good stuff from other folks. OK, I’m gonna stop saying “real good stuff” now.”

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