RC Fine Foods, a leading manufacturer of high-quality, flavorful soup bases and dessert mixes since 1972, is offering a delicious and versatile line of sandwich sauce mixes. Adding an RC sandwich sauce to a menu item is a great way to boost sales and enhance a dish.

“Our sandwich sauces are on trend and unique, and can turn an ordinary sandwich into an extraordinary sandwich,” says Anthony Todaro, corporate executive chef at RC. “They are easy to store and only require simple kitchen ingredients for preparation. By adding a specialty sandwich sauce option to your menu, you can feature the item as homemade which always attracts more attention.”

RC sandwich sauce mixes are versatile in flavor and in application, as well. They come in a variety of flavors including ancho chipotle, creamy pesto, horseradish mustard, mango habanero, and red pepper basil and can be used as a sauce for a sandwich, a dry rub, a dipping sauce for an appetizer, or as a seasoning for breading and stuffing.

“We want the operators to get the most out of every RC product they use,” says Gary Cohen, vice president of RC Fine Foods. “That means having a low cost to prepare, giving them a product with a long shelf life and encouraging them to explore the numerous applications and flavor combinations of a sandwich sauce mix to make our product their own.”

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