RC Fine Foods is adding more products to its assortment of gluten-free items. The company announced a collection of gluten-free demi-glace sauce mixes that will add a sophisticated combination of flavors to gluten-free menu options and simplify the headaches often associated with long reduction times and space or storage constraints. 

Choose from the traditional style, demi-glace sauce mix that contains a rich beefy flavor and pairs perfectly with meat dishes. The RC Chicken Flavored Demi-Glace Sauce Mix ,which has a beautiful golden color and is outstanding for poultry dishes, is available. There’s even a vegan version that does not contain any meat, eggs or dairy ingredients. It’s a hearty flavored sauce mix with a sensational aroma and can be used in any dish.

“A Demi-Glace is a classic mother sauce that is extremely versatile to chefs. As a leading manufacturer of high-quality, flavorful soup bases, sauces and dessert mixes, we felt it was imperative to deliver a gluten-free product with taste that exceeded expectations,” says Gary Cohen, vice president of RC Fine Foods. “We’re confident that we’ve achieved a scratch flavor without the labor typically required. Just add water to the mix and its ready to go.” 

RC Fine Foods Gluten-Free Demi-Glace sauce mixes do not contain any gluten, added MSG, trans fats or hydrogenated oils. The product is packed in 6/2-pound jars or 25-pound pails.

For more information on RC Fine Foods Gluten-Free Demi-Glace Sauce Mixes, www.rcfinedfood.com.

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