In June 2012, Chef and Owner Richard Sandoval will open the stylish, modern Peruvian kitchen and pisco bar, Raymi, in New York City's Flatiron District.

For the first Peruvian restaurant within his contemporary Latin restaurant group, Richard Sandoval Restaurants, Sandoval has partnered with renowned chef and owner Jaime Pesaque of Mayta Restaurante Bar in Lima, Peru.

Reflecting the multicultural spirit of Peru, Raymi's menu will be familiar and adventurous with a blend of Spanish, Japanese, Chinese, and vibrant native Peruvian flavors. A sleek Pisco Bar will offer the portfolio of Piscos available in the U.S. and an additional 30 house-infused varieties of the fiery liqueur.

Sandoval and Pesaque are currently in Peru researching and gathering ideas for Raymi.

"I'm really excited to be expanding my repertoire and Jaime is one of the best in the business for Peruvian cuisine, so it was a natural fit for us to work together on the menus," Sandoval says. "We're having a lot of fun exploring the country and tasting as we go. The ideas are flowing! The aromas from Raymi's kitchen and the flavors in the dishes will be like our postcards from Peru."

The Raymi experience revolves around a central Ceviche Bar offering fresh seafood spiked with spices and ingredients native to Peru and served by the piece in Clam Shells. Chefs Sandoval and Pesaque will also offer a section of small plate and cocktail pairings.

On the main menu, a diverse selection of small and large plates including a variety of Anticuchos and Tiraditos encourage guests to share and linger in the sensual Latin setting.

Dishes will include:

  • Chicken Anticucho: panca pepper chifa dressing, confit potato, choclo, and huancaina sauce
  • Cebiche a la Piedra: seafood, chalaca, aji amarillo, sweet potato, and roasted panca
  • Arroz con Pato: duck leg confit, slow cooked breast, scallops, beer-chicha de jora rice, and cilantro
  • Shrimp Chupe Risotto: panca pepper sofrito, slow cooked egg, butter beans, queso fresco.


"The dishes will feature authentic flavors but with a surprising twist," Sandoval says. "Raymi is going to be a fun destination for Peruvian cuisine, but it's also going to be a hip hangout. We're adding a sexy Pisco bar in the restaurant and Jaime is known for making incredible Pisco infusions. It'll be an experience you can't find anywhere else."

Chef Pesaque, whose family owns the distillery Pisco 1615 in Peru, will offer 30 exotic house-infused Piscos including Lemongrass, Purple Corn, Jasmine Tea, Tangerine, and Apricot.

Beverage director Piero Rodriguez has also arranged for the full range of 10 Piscos available in the US to be served at Raymi. Fresh juices, homemade syrups, compotes, foams, and the infused Piscos will offer dimension to the bar's handcrafted cocktails.

Sandoval, known as an innovative and diverse champion of elevated Latin cuisine, met Chef Pesaque while in Peru. Pesaque is a native of Peru and is part of a young generation of chefs committed to making Peruvian cuisine well known abroad. He travels internationally on behalf of Prom Peru, the commission for the promotion of tourism for the country.

"I am going to make sure that Raymi is the place people think of when they're craving Peruvian cuisine," says Pesaque. "We're going to make this the embassy of Peruvian food in New York!"

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