The cooking appliance manufacturer, Rational, has developed a grill grate that can create two different patterns. Usable on both sides, the new diamond and grill grate produces either the favorite American steakhouse pattern or the classic parallel grill stripes. 

Depending on which side the chef and/or foodservice professional uses, the diamond and grill grate by Rational will produce a different pattern. Thanks to a special alloy, the new diamond and grill grate has excellent heat conductivity and requires no preheating. The additional patented TriLax non-stick coating supports browning and is ideal for use up to 572 degrees. Nothing sticks to the grill, making cleaning quick and effortless. 

Together with the SelfCookingCenter by Rational, the diamond and grill grate is suited for producing large quantities. “Up to 160 steaks medium with a grill pattern can be prepared uniformly in just 15 minutes at the press of a button. The appliance and accessory achieve the same impressive grilling results with fish or vegetables. It does not matter whether the products are fresh or deep-frozen when grilled,” says Billy Buck, national corporate chef for Rational USA.

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