With ConnectedCooking, RATIONAL has expanded its already extensive range of services to include a cloud-based networking solution specifically developed for the needs of professional kitchens. For the market leader in combi technology, the system represents another step along the path towards even greater customer benefit through the progressive digitalization of kitchen processes. To use ConnectedCooking, customers only need to connect one or more RATIONAL units to a cloud-based network. The networked units can then be conveniently displayed and managed through the ConnectedCooking Device Management screen.

“Network integration through ConnectedCooking lets foodservice professionals view all of their production processes at any time, in central facilities and all branch stores, even if they are not personally present,” says Markus Glueck, executive vice president for RATIONAL North America. “They can quickly check up on processes remotely while doing their weekly purchase orders, monitor overnight cooking from home, and even receive error notifications while on the go. Users can retrieve all of this information quickly and easily using any computer, smartphone, or tablet (iOS and Android devices) with Internet connection—anytime, anywhere. This service helps us give our customers more flexibility, which represents real added value within the culinary industry,” adds Glueck.

The modern cloud solution has numerous innovative features that bring convenience, security, and inspiration to American kitchens:

You have the ability to manage multiple appliances at various locations using the ConnectedCooking dashboard.

Distribute and manage cooking programs.

You can select recipes and transmit the settings to one or more units in no time at all from Club RATIONAL.

Push notifications in real time—from the next step of a cooking program to error codes.

If you experience any issues with your unit, the system will notify you right away and your service partners as well, if you desire.

Transmit preferred settings to all connected RATIONAL units, and it automatically adjusts your appliances’ clocks for daylight savings time.

Enables automatic software updates.

All key HACCP data can be captured, documented, and exported automatically.

Separate user profiles with individual permissions means that all employees can easily have system access to their RATIONAL units.

Data is transmitted using state-of-the-art encryption technology in order to prevent misuse.

“With ConnectedCooking, we are offering our customers the world’s most cutting-edge cloud-based networking solution for professional kitchens. Now our customers will always have everything at their fingertips, no matter where they are,” says Glueck. “Chain restaurants and companies with satellite kitchens, in particular, now have an easy, centralized solution for doing quality assurance and monitoring unit functions.”

All RATIONAL appliances come equipped with Ethernet interfaces as a standard feature, so units manufactured after 03/2017 can easily interface to ConnectedCooking.  

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