Rational belongs to the five percent of companies that enjoy the highest level of customer satisfaction in the world. This was shown by a recent study by the market research institute, TNS Infratest. The market leader for professional cooking appliances has almost double the number of satisfied customers than the average for companies within the industry.

TNS Infratest surveyed almost 1,000 Rational customers in Europe and North America earlier this year. Eighty-three percent of them are very satisfied with Rational that they would not only immediately purchase more products, but would also recommend them to colleagues any time. The average for companies within the industry is 47 percent.

With a satisfaction index of 99, Rational leaves the entire processing industry far behind, which gets an average of 72 index points. Above all, Rational received top marks for the quality and performance of its units. Customers rated the products produced by the manufacturer as reliable, durable, and efficient.

Ninety-two percent of those surveyed also believed that Rational units offer maximum benefits. In Germany, this figure was 98 percent. "We are very delighted with this result and this motivates us to continue developing our products, aiming for maximum customer benefits," says Dr. Günter Blaschke, chairman of the Board of Rational AG.

With this strategy, the company has continuously been setting new performance standards for 40 years. "As for customer service, we will not let anyone outdo us," adds Dr. Blaschke.


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