After a successful 2018 of Urn-liner and Bag-inBox sales in the online market, DS Smith Plastics, Flexible Packaging is expanding their online offering to include Worldwide Dispensers taps and spouts combined with a new website design for easier accessibility. Worldwide Dispensers is now offering the ability for customers to quickly and conveniently purchase their most popular taps and fitments directly through

The new tap and spout offerings include:

  • Mustang tap and spout – Front-push tap with the lowest Oxygen Transmission Rate (OTR) in the market. The Mustang dispensing tap is available for Bag-in-Box and Stand-up Pouch applications
  • TruTap tap and spout – Commercially successful top-twist tap
  • 2” BSP spout – For filling and dispensing liquid products in bulk bags or Intermediate Bulk Container (IBC) liners
  • Cooler taps – Top-push tap for water dispensing coolers

In addition to the new products, the website has been redesigned offering a more organized, easy to navigate layout, including additional technical information downloads and blog posts.

“What better way to begin the new year with more products and a brand-new look to our Rapak-Online shop,” says Kristin Reim, Marketing Manager for Rapak and Worldwide Dispensers. “The new design is in response to the growing importance of e-commerce channels and our commitment to providing a more convenient and user-friendly experience for our customers.” To view the online shop’s updated layout and new selection of taps and fitments for Bag-inBox, visit

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