Ralph Brennan Restaurant Group is re-opening its doors to welcome back guests, showcasing the best local talent as the majority of its valued team returns, the finest in local ingredients, and a real pride in honoring the roots of New Orleans. As New Orleans emerges from another storm, Ralph Brennan Restaurant Group’s heart and concerns remain with the sister parishes of Louisiana, which are continuing to struggle in the aftermath of Hurricane Ida.

Below, are the times and dates for the re-opening of the five Ralph Brennan Restaurant Group’s establishments. It is important to note, times may evolve and change; so, for the most current information, it is suggested to review each website for the most up-to-date information and menu offerings.

Napoleon House: Saturday, September 11

11AM – 7PM [Wednesday – Sunday]

Café NOMA: Tuesday, September 14

10AM – 5PM [Tuesday – Sunday]

Ralph’s on the Park: Wednesday, September 15

Dinner – 5:30PM –9/9:30PM [Wednesday – Sunday, September 19]

Brunch resumes on Saturdays [and Sundays] – September 25

Brennan’s: Thursday, September 16

Breakfast – 9AM – 2PM [Thursday – Monday]

Bubbles at Brennan’s Happy Hour – 9AM – 2PM [Sunday, Monday & Thursday]

+ 9AM – 6PM [Friday & Saturday]

Red Fish Grill : Thursday, September 16

Dinner – 5PM – 9/9:30 PM [Thursday–Sunday]

Dinner resumes on Wednesdays – September 22

Brunch – 10AM – 3PM [Friday-Sunday]

The experience of Hurricane Katrina, 16 years ago, prompted a complete change in RBRG’s policies, in preparation for the return of another severe storm. Each of the restaurants has its own 68-page highly detailed hurricane plan, with pre-storm preparations, a communications plan, a technology toolkit, strategies for the loss of essential services, a return-to-work guideline, and up-to-the-minute personnel supplier, emergency contact information with over 800 numbers. Ralph Brennan Restaurant Group’s management team at each of the five restaurants were prepared for Hurricane Ida, as best as possible. Management actively kept in touch with over 300 RBRG employees to ensure they received their paychecks, recovery assistant payment, and solidify the status of their temporary residence. 

Ralph Brennan, restaurateur and third generation New Orleans native, is grateful for the strong alliance his team formed and the facilitation of their safe return. “The passion and dedication I have seen in the restoration of the city is admirable. It’s been decades of resiliency with opportunities of learning and accomplishment.  From where I see it, the hospitality industry, and the city, are not only, once again, hard at work to recover – but are reestablished and stronger than ever,” says Ralph Brennan. 

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