Quini, an interactive wine tasting, rating, and recommendations application and data solutions provider announced that its breakthrough wine tasting mobile app is now available for iPhone and iPad, through the Apple App Store. A Web-based version for desktop and laptop computers is also available.

Quini allows wine experts, enthusiasts, and novices to review and rate wines with greater detail than ever before, setting a new industry standard. Unlike typical scoring systems and star-based ratings, Quini captures user scores and input on five separate aspects (Eye, Nose, Mouth, Finish, Opinion) of the tasting process to produce a wine’s overall rating. A colourful five-petal Quini Bloom supports the numeric score, uniquely shaped by the user to reflect their experience for the five aspects of the wine.

“We’re excited to introduce an engaging, more accurate wine review and rating solution that empowers professionals and simultaneously makes wine tasting more accessible, rewarding and educational for everyone,” says Roger Noujeim, chief executive officer for Quini.

Quini incorporates a unique wine recommendations engine that enables consumers to buy wines they know they will like. Developed with wine experts, scientists and PhDs in food science, sensory evaluation and statistics, Quini analyzes user tasting profiles over time and recommends wines that best match their personal preferences, helping to make wine buying decisions more accurate and, for many consumers, less intimidating. Recommendation depth and accuracy continually increases with each tasting tracked on Quini.

“Although taste in wine is very personal, up until now consumers have had to rely on third party opinion, label and price to select their wines,” says Lynn Coulthard, WSET instructor who also teaches the wine programs at the University of British Columbia. “Quini’s personalized recommendations represent a true breakthrough. I expect it will bring a whole new level of knowledge to consumers and cause an eventual shift in wine buying habits and attitudes at the point of purchase.”

Quini also helps provide a normalized perspective of a wine’s true likability. In addition to individual reviews, multiple user ratings are aggregated to set the wine’s overall ranking as rated by the community.

Quini users can follow other members and add wines to their wish list, and can journal, compare, archive, and share great-looking wine reviews on Quini, and through social media and email. Experts and educators can also tap Quini to standardize their approach to reviews and teaching. Wine lovers and winery tour fans can use Quini to easily locate nearby wine stores, restaurants and wineries using the integrated Places function that incorporates Foursquare’s global mapping footprint.


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