Mellow Mushroom has long been known for awesome pizza, the Beer Club, as well as its “easy-going atmosphere and funky décor”, all providing a uniquely “mellow experience” for guests.  In fact, it was their focus on providing an over the top guest experience that prompted Quickcue to contact Mellow Mushroom about using the Quickcue Guest Experience Platform, which includes among other features waitlist, text notification, and table management.

“From trivia nights to their live local music Mellow Mushroom works to build great guest-staff connections,” says Quickcue CEO, Bo Ferger. “Mellow Mushroom’s focus on guest experience aligns perfectly with Quickcue’s focus, which is why we are so pleased that they selected Quickcue to manage the front of house experience.”

“One of our core values is providing excellent customer service,” says Mellow Mushroom director of operations, David Danowitz. “Mellow fans often will drive 100 miles to get to the nearest location, so we need to deliver a quality product and an awesome guest experience every time. Quickcue has a similar approach, which made partnering with them as the exclusive provider of our host-stand technology an easy decision.

Based in Atlanta, Mellow Mushroom focuses on developing community-based relationships through local ownership, ensuring a quality customer experience, and conveying the culture of the brand. Although each new Mellow location has a unique look and feel, displaying the local interests and characteristics of the community, every location stays true to brand vision, great customer service, and using fresh ingredients to create its amazing pizzas.

Quickcue helps build connections by providing front of the house operational tools, developed with the guest relationships in mind. Operationally, Quickcue’s platform helps restaurants manage their waitlist, reservations, guest paging with one-touch text notification, table management, along with servers and sections, while allowing restaurants to create guest profiles that help team members get to know guests and craft the perfect dining experience.

So, the next time you are in the mood to mellow out with some pizza and beer, you may just be getting a text via Quickcue letting you know your experience is about to begin.


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