Qu, a restaurant tech company redefining POS for digital consumers, announced a free quick-start online ordering service for all restaurants striving to keep their businesses open during COVID and beyond.

Restaurants have been forced to rely solely on their online ordering channels to generate revenue due to COVID. Many restaurants were caught off-guard without an adequate solution optimized for digital sales. Qu responded by bundling its enterprise cloud POS into an all-digital, online-only ordering package called OrderUP. No hardware is required, nor any changes to the restaurants’ POS and technology stack.

The solution can be implemented in as little as 72 hours, with Qu handling the menu configuration, testing, and marketing launch services—free of charge— to get restaurants online quickly and using contactless payments for pick-up and delivery.

Qu’s complimentary OrderUP product and accompanying services include:

Up & running in just 72 hours

Fully integrated with DoorDash and Uber Eats

Access to contactless orders and payments for all your pick-up and to-go services

No hardware required

Optimized online menu build and marketing launch services, at no cost

Free for 90 days, through July 31

“With restaurants in dire need to drive sales right now, we focused on creating a quick-start online ordering product for operators, hoping it will help them survive this crisis,” says Amir Hudda, Qu’s CEO.

“While this program is designed for speed and efficiency, OrderUp is the same as Qu’s scalable enterprise-grade web ordering solution, but without the need for any hardware in the store – as such, it can provide tremendous value even post the COVID crisis period,” says Hudda.

Today, Qu is focused on helping brands improve and optimize their digital sales with modern technology solutions. To further support struggling restaurants, Qu is launching Feed the First Responders, a charitable program providing fresh, healthy food to local medical, healthcare, police, and firefighting units.

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