When it comes to technology, there’s one universal truth almost everyone can agree on: It has to work. Not only the software but the hardware as well. That’s why QSR Automations has certified ConnectSmart to run on the Elo Backpack 4, an Android-powered compute engine. The Elo Backpack 4 is a sleek add-on to existing monitors that turn each station into a powerful all-in-one platform. When paired with QSR Automations’ signature ConnectSmart technology, the system simplifies the delivery of content, websites, and Android-based apps—directly to the screen.

Though ConnectSmart can also run on Windows or iOS platforms, many customers see the value in Android applications due to its user-friendliness and lower incidences of malware and system failure. 

“It’s been clear to us for some time that the future of the food-service industry lies in Android technologies, so it is important to us to create products and applications that will take our customers into the next era,” says Jennifer Karpinsky, VP of Business Development at QSR Automations. “But that’s only half the battle. The next step is making sure the hardware can keep up.” 

That’s where Elo steps in. The Elo Backpack 4 combines a powerful commercial-grade compute engine with the Android 10 operating system. It features a Rockchip processor which provides the speed, stability, and critical components needed in a restaurant environment. 

“Partnering with Elo to enable the Elo Backpack to seamlessly support our ConnectSmart platform has been a dream come true. Elo shares QSR’s rock-solid foundation of understanding exactly what our customers need, and boy, did they deliver,” says Angela Leet, CEO of QSR Automations. “We are extremely proud to say that no other company has this custom solution.”  

Customers who purchase the Elo Backpack to use in conjunction with ConnectSmart technology also benefit from QSR’s award-winning customer support team, which aids in ease of deployment. Future phases of this technology will include upgrades that allow for additional security patches that will make it easier for users to remain compliant. 

Current customers who wish to learn more about the Elo Backpack should contact their dedicated sales representative. For those who wish to learn more about ConnectSmart and the Elo Backpack integration, please contact sales@qsrautomations.com.  

Want to see this powerful, effective integration in action? Come visit QSR Automations’ booth, #6021 at the National Restaurant Show in Chicago May 20-23. 

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