QSR Automations, Inc., a restaurant industry provider of guest management solutions and kitchen display technology with more than 70,000 installs worldwide, announced today the release of DineTime Host in the United Kingdom.

DineTime Host, free to download in the App Store, was created to help improve a restaurant’s operating efficiency and increase profitability by providing online reservations, wait list management, two-way texting, a guest book, shift and station management, and a variety of detailed operational analytics.

“Our work for the last 15 years has always been on the forefront of restaurant technology,” says Lee Leet, QSR Automations president and CEO. “DineTime allows restaurants the ability to grow their guest count and reduce operating expenses in one app. We knew restaurants wanted a more comprehensive alternative to what’s out there now, and they want one they can trust.”

With DineTime Host, adding a simple browser widget to a restaurant’s website allows guests to book reservations online, which then syncs to the app in real time, giving the restaurant another way to market to diners and drive traffic into the restaurant. 

DineTime also gives restaurant operators the ability to create and send email marketing campaigns to their guests. Using contact information saved in DineTime’s guest book, restaurants can easily promote restaurant events, new dishes, special offers, and more to their customers. The system also facilitates real-time communication and interaction with your guests through two-way texting.

DineTime Host also helps to simplify the restaurant’s front-of-house operations. Restaurant staff can customize floor maps to match their restaurant, assisting in internal communication and faster table turns. In addition, server sections, shift layouts, and table sections are all managed from the app, optimizing communication and organization to ultimately create a better guest experience.

“On average, restaurants worldwide seat more than one million diners everyday using DineTime Host," Leet says. “Increasing guest communication and facilitating a more streamlined front-of-house helps restaurants build guest loyalty and bring in more business.”

Pricing for DineTime is tiered. The tiers are based on different features and functions, as well as the number of wait list and reservation parties a restaurant takes monthly. The first tier is free allowing every restaurant a no-risk trial. DineTime is currently offering a two-month free trial of the new online reservation feature.

The DineTime app is available for free download through the App Store, and restaurants need only an iPad to start using the app.

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