QikServe, a mobile order and payment specialist, announced its technology has been certified on the FreedomPay Commerce Platform. The integration allows QikServe to offer its hospitality customers a powerful and secure option for handling payments and transactions with PCI-validated point-to-point encryption (P2PE), and provides EMV (chip and pin) certification out-of-the-box.

QikServe’s patented “Waiter in Your Pocket” technology lets guests order and pay for their food and drinks directly from a smartphone, website or kiosk. The integration with FreedomPay’s Commerce Platform enables QikServe to quickly deploy mobile ordering solutions that require traditional and emerging payments technologies like magstripe, EMV, ApplePay and near-field communication (NFC). 

In an industry-wide move to combat card fraud and counterfeiting, U.S. is transitioning more than a billion payment cards, and upward of 12 million credit card terminals, to the EMV standard. EMV chips are designed to prevent card fraud by authenticating each card-present transaction, but still leave clear text card data exposed to the merchant’s point of sale system. 

The integration with FreedomPay’s platform, which is fully audited and validated according to the PCI Security Council’s Standards, means that QikServe provides true card data security for all transactions by ensuring that sensitive cardholder data is completely encrypted with P2PE and tokenized so no cardholder data flows through its customers’ systems. The combination of EMV, P2PE and tokenization delivers a layered approach to payment security that significantly reduces the risk of card fraud while rendering cardholder data useless to hackers. 

In addition, with FreedomPay’s EMV certification, QikServe customers do not have to undergo their own separate EMV certification, which is costly and time consuming. 

“We always strive to offer our customers the best available range of payment options, so we are delighted to have secured integration certification for FreedomPay,” says Dan Rogers, CEO, QikServe. “The rollout of EMV is presenting challenges for hospitality operators in the United States, and now we offer them a quick and easy option for supporting EMV as they deploy mobile and self-service ordering capabilities.” 

Both QikServe and FreedomPay are also Oracle Hospitality Partners, ensuring that hospitality operators using Oracle Hospitality Point of Sale solutions can quickly and easily benefit from the integrated offering. 

“We are delighted that QikServe is now certified on the FreedomPay platform, providing hospitality operators with the option of an elegant, customer-facing front end to their POS with mobile and/or kiosk ordering that is also EMV capable and PCI-compliant,” adds Christopher Kronenthal, CTO, FreedomPay. “Our partnership directly addresses a need within the hospitality market for multi-channel self-service solutions as well as addressing EMV challenges that have been a big issue for operators.” 

QikServe and FreedomPay are transforming the hotel guest experience and delivering the peace of mind that cardholder data is safe.

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