Social media and online marketing is predicted to play an increasingly important role for restaurant and retail consumer outreach in 2012, and many businesses are succumbing to demand for hyper-local marketing and looking for solutions to help their companies stay ahead of the communications curve.

PromoterBee, a technology company specializing in Web-based digital marketing solutions, has launched a new tool allowing businesses to integrate their online marketing channels and streamline content management through a single, comprehensive dashboard.

PromoterBee Enterprise Solution is a digital content distribution, management and monitoring tool that automatically and simultaneously publishes marketing content across a company’s entire digital media portfolio, including: Websites, events calendars, Twitter, Facebook, and PromoterBee’s proprietary network of partner channels.

By giving businesses a single portal where they can schedule, control and view content for multiple social media channels, PromoterBee Enterprise Solution is making it easier for companies to expand and enhance their online consumer outreach while saving time.

The software’s robust, location-based functionality also enables businesses with multiple locations to deploy hyper-local promotions, making the technology well suited for multi-location restaurants and retailers.

If a business has five different locations, for example, and each location has its own Website, Twitter, and Facebook pages, PromoterBee Enterprise Solution gives users the option to customize promotions and content for each location or distribute company-wide marketing messages to all location’s channels.

Social media is proven to be an extremely effective and valuable resource for restaurants and retailers, and often delivers a much higher ROI than traditional marketing,” says PromoterBee CEO and Co-Founder Matthew Simpson.

PromoterBee is creating solutions to help businesses leverage the consumer power of social media in a time- and cost-efficient way, helping to improve their customer satisfaction and bottom lines.”

The marketing tool also features a Sentiment Monitor that tracks consumer reviews on sites such as Yelp, TripAdvisor, CitySearch, Kudzu and Yahoo!, and creates user-friendly reports to help businesses save time and stay up-to-date with direct customer feedback online.

Users can view an at-a-glance snapshot of online customer reviews, and location-specific review reports provide an easy way for chains to segment customer feedback for each storefront.

PromoterBee Enterprise Solution also generates a daily e-mail notification of any new reviews that have been posted, making it easy for businesses to improve customer relationship management and response times.

PromoterBee Enterprise Solution’s feature-rich software provides a variety of communication tools for users, such as the Daily Menu Specials Chalkboard widget, “Free Bees” promotion distribution, and customer birthday email widget.

But, the primary benefit to user is its ability to create agile online marketing campaigns while reducing the amount of time spent managing social media.

“We save countless hours of monitoring brand image across several sites simply by checking our PromoterBee email every morning,” says Kevin Kuzava, marketing director for Metrotainment Cafes restaurant group.

“PromoterBee has become an essential tool for our business, and it allows us to promote positive buzz and address criticism in the first 24 hours.”

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A subsidiary of GetBeezy LLC, PromoterBee is a technology company specializing in Web-based digital marketing solutions for the restaurant and retail industry.

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