Powerhouse Dynamics (PhD), creator of the eMonitor enterprise energy and asset management system, launched a system leasing program. Multi-site operators of small commercial facilities can now take advantage of the savings and other benefits offered by the eMonitor with little or no up-front investment. eMonitor customers include restaurant, convenience store and retail chains, as well as multi-family housing developers and others.

"The market for solar power took off when leasing programs were introduced, because they made systems instantly affordable,” says Powerhouse Dynamics CEO Martin Flusberg, “A leasing program will have a similar effect on the market for energy saving systems like the eMonitor. Leasing removes one of the barriers to wider adoption of energy efficiency applications and will enable customers to achieve net savings almost from day one."

The eMonitor controls HVAC and other key systems, and remotely monitors critical equipment to diagnose performance issues and identify savings opportunities. Easy installation combined with an intuitive web portal, mobile apps, and configurable alerts make the eMonitor immediately accessible. Best-in-class analytics give both on-site staff and remote corporate teams the information needed for intelligent operations management. At a corporate level, multi-location companies use the system to benchmark their facilities and equipment, identify star performers, and share best practices across the chain.

Financing for the lease program is being provided by Vision Ridge Capital Partners, one of Powerhouse Dynamics’s equity investors. The eMonitor lease program is available immediately.

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