Australian cloud point of sale platform Kounta launched in the U.S., aiming to fill a gap in the North American business software market. 

Kounta runs on any web-enabled device and integrates into hundreds of other products and services through an open API.

Jason Seed, North America president of Kounta, says there are a few key reasons the US market is now ready for his company’s launch.

“We’re entering a busy market, but one that’s ripe for disruption,” Seed says. “We have built an open platform that integrates with everything else, so small business owners can choose the payments provider, or accounting software, or ordering applications that suit them best.

The open POS platform runs on iOS, Android, Windows, or Mac, and can be used on existing or future hardware. Kounta also scales with its clients, Seeds says.

“What we’re hearing from small business entrepreneurs is that the second they become more successful, want to open more locations, or have a larger and more complex environment, their POS app is not scaling well with them,” he says. “The ability to manage multiple sites is a core Kounta capability.”

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