Making a grand return, Kusaki is back after a four-month hiatus — just in time for Veganuary. The first plant-based omakase bar and sushi restaurant in Los Angeles has been slightly reimagined with a Kaiseki-influenced menu and additional days of operation.

Still creating some of the most amazing sushi that just happens to be vegan, returning executive chef Dillon Bolin and head chef Pearl Steffie have added another nuanced dimension, inspired by Kaiseki. Considered to be the epitome of Japanese haute cuisine, Kaiseki features multiple small plates, fresh seasonal ingredients, meticulous preparation and beautiful, artistic presentation – all designed to create a perfect balance and harmony of taste, texture, color and appearance.

“Crafting entirely plant-based dishes is immensely gratifying, inspiring creativity that extends beyond conventional boundaries,” says Pearl Steffie, head chef and owner-operator. “The satisfaction lies in showcasing plant-based cuisine that is just as delectable as its non-vegan counterparts.”

New menu offerings include Maitake Wontons, Watermelon Granita Nigiri and Seared Bell Pepper Nigiri, and Spicy Tuna Rolls, along with many of the original favorites of Kusaki aficionados such as Crispy Garlic Tuna Sashimi, Trumpet Mushroom Nigiri, Rainbow Roll, and non-sushi items like Shishito Burger and Portobello Fries – all non-GMO. 

The new dessert menu features Chef Pearl’s house-made ice cream and sweet treats such as Miso Brownie Brittle and The Pearlita, strawberry sorbet with coconut cream, blueberry compote and pistachios. 

Also new to Kusaki is an expanded bar with sake, wine, beer and creative cocktails including “Chu-hi,” made with Amakusa sake, ginger ale, lime juice, aromatic bitters, and “Spicy Caipirinha,” made with Amakusa Sake, jalapenos, simple syrup and lemon juice. 

Kusaki’s sleek minimalist interior reflects the perfect synergy of its dishes, characterized by a calm atmosphere, subdued lighting and elegant tableware. A sense that one should appreciate the artful ambiance just as much as the taste permeates every aspect of the meal. 

Kusaki’s tantalizing Omakase experience is served on Tuesdays and Wednesdays – by reservation only — with five-course ($75) or seven-course ($105) options. 

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