Pistache French Bistro unveiled the commemorative plaque recongizing its most recent international accolade, the American Academy of Hospitality Sciences’ Five Star Diamond Award, at an intimate industry reception at the restaurant in downtown West Palm Beach, Florida.

The award, which has been bestowed to only two other restaurants in Palm Beach County, marks the first recognition in West Palm Beach and one of the few on the entire Five Star Diamond roster that features affordable fare and a casual ambiance.

 “We are particularly proud not only of the fact that we are the first restaurant in West Palm Beach to make the Five Star Diamond list, but also that we have done so while remaining affordable and approachable, two important qualities that we count as part of our success story,” says Pistache French Bistro owner Thierry Beaud.

The American Academy of Hospitality Sciences is the industry association most known for its bestowment of the International Star Diamond Award, which recognizes true excellence in hospitality, gastronomy, attitude, quality, cleanliness, and service.

The Academy receives a large number of possible recipients for the award from around the world which are then refined by the Board of Trustees.  Pistache French Bistro received more than 15 recommendations from the Academy’s trustees and world travelers.

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