Photopon, the custom couponing app, announced that version 2.0 of the iOS app is available October 21 at noon, in the Apple iTunes Store. Available throughout the U.S., Photopon lets users select nearby deals, attach a personal photo, and write a message to create a personalized coupon that can be shared through the app, email, text messages, or social networking sites. The redesigned app combines the fun of photo sharing with the social rewards of deal sharing to create a real-time and relevant referral platform.  

“At restaurants, bars and events, people post photos or ‘check-in’ because they’re having a great time and want to share the experience,” says Brad McEvilly, co-founder and CEO of Photopon, Inc. "There's a huge missed opportunity for brands to associate themselves with these positive social experiences being shared through social media. Likewise, users need an easy way to immediately ‘visually’ express where they were when they had these experiences and give due credit to the brands that provided them."

Using the iPhone’s location services, Photopon presents a selection of deals from the nearest restaurants, bars, stores, and venues. After choosing a deal, users can snap a photo, type in a message and then share the custom coupon through email, text messages, Facebook, or Twitter. Recipients can redeem the coupon for a great deal and a new experience.

“Photopon is a clever way to invite people out, make plans or even joke around with friends,” says Michael Gutkin, co-founder and CFO of Photopon, Inc. “There are plenty of deals out there, but Photopon provides the only coupons that are open to creativity and flair. This means that a Photopon referral can be relevant and unique in ways that normal digital deals or paper coupons cannot be.” 

Photopon offers deals from individual businesses and aggregators like 8coupons to ensure that Photopon coupons can be made in every US zip code. For merchants, Photopon serves as a word-of-mouth marketing platform that lets users not only share the experience in real-time, but give friends an incentive to join in. A forthcoming rewards system will also give users points when friends redeem one of their Photopon coupons. The points will unlock special deals and free perks from participating merchants.

“Photopon is a powerful way for local merchants to drive foot traffic because it enables loyal customers to advocate in ways that their friends will actually appreciate,” says McEvilly.


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