Thirsty Dice, Philadelphia’s first board game café, has launched their Star Wars Cantina menu. It’s been a Star Wars-filled December thanks to The Mandalorian and Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker, and Thirsty Dice has food and drinks for you to celebrate with—Baby Yoda approved.

Darth Vader Deviled Eggs

charcoal, bacon

Evil Empire Mac N’ Cheese

house-made queso, bacon, pickled jalapenos

Taun Taun Tots

loaded tater tots, short ribs, house-made queso

Chewbacca’s Nuggets

popcorn chicken nuggets, spicy horseradish sauce

Jabba the Hutt Loaf

house-made meatloaf, bourbon BBQ sauce

The Force

tequila, cucumber, mint, lime

The Dark Side

blood orange, Campari, sweet vermouth, rye

While you’re enjoying the new menu, be sure to ask your Gametender for your favorite Star Wars-themed games to play.

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