P.F. Chang’s Farm to Wok food philosophy comes to life in its new menu, highlighting scratch kitchens, wholesome, simple ingredients, and the power of the fiery wok. It also emphasizes 16 gluten-free options, several vegetarian entrees and offers guests more than 40 delicious dishes that are 600 calories or less.

Satisfying lunch and dinner options, like the new Singapore Firecracker Chicken or Cauliflower Tempura, an order of six of Cecilia’s Dumplings, all sushi rolls, Vegetable Lo Mein as well as more than a dozen happy hour options—including Jicama Street Tacos and Chang’s Chicken Lettuce Wraps, are 600 calories or less each. More than a dozen of the dishes that are 600 calories or less contain less than 1,000-mg of sodium each, including several of P.F. Chang’s sushi rolls, street tacos and chicken satay. Nutritional details for P.F. Chang’s lunch and dinner menus can be found online. Guests can also request a list before ordering at their local restaurant.

“The beauty of our Farm to Wok food philosophy is that our dishes are made from scratch with simple and wholesome ingredients,” says Dwayne Chambers, chief marketing officer for P.F. Chang’s. “This allows us the flexibility to offer a wide variety of choices that meet, and even exceed our guests dietary needs and expectations.”

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