Fishbowl, Inc., a leading marketing and analytics solutions provider for the restaurant industry, announced that P.F. Chang’s has chosen Fishbowl, Inc.’s Loyalty platform to power its enterprise loyalty program, the latest in the company’s digital transformation initiatives. P.F. Chang’s and Fishbowl, Inc. embarked on strategic long-term roadmap over a year ago in which Fishbowl, Inc.’s data-driven platform was utilized to automate customer engagement and create actionable insights for P.F. Chang’s, transforming the way guest data is used to deliver exceptional guest experiences.

“Fishbowl, Inc.’s platform has been instrumental in helping drive our positive sales performance,” says Brian Best, director of interactive engagement for P.F. Chang’s. “We are very excited to expand our partnership as we strive to provide the most relevant, personalized digital experiences for our guests.”

Founded in 1993, P.F. Chang’s is a casual dining restaurant providing Asian cuisine in 300 locations across the globe. With 212 locations in the U.S. alone, it is the largest full-service Asian restaurant concept in the country. In the spring of 2016, P.F. Chang’s partnered with Fishbowl, Inc. on a digital transformation effort to enhance and build deeper omni-channel customer relationships.

“Fishbowl, Inc. excels at helping restaurants achieve greater success through marketing and technology, acting as a strategic partner to set and achieve goals that translate directly to increased sales,” says Prem Kiran, chief strategy officer for Fishbowl, Inc. “Working alongside P.F. Chang’s, Fishbowl, Inc. undertook a comprehensive effort to analyze the restaurant’s customer data from all sources, including loyalty programs, surveys, reservations and eClub. We helped P.F. Chang’s synthesize this information resulting in actionable insights, targeted promotions, worked to enable automation of customer engagement efforts in a highly-segmented, cross-channel and personalized way.”

P.F. Chang’s now uses its system to trigger customized promotions based on the segment into which each guest or member falls. The company has also built sophisticated 2-way integrations with 3rd party vendors and internal business intelligence systems to ensure a single view of each customer from all angles, at all times.

“Our strategic partnership with Fishbowl, Inc. is a real win, and we are very pleased with the results,” says Best. “Our customers have benefitted from a more personalized relationship with our brand, and in turn, we have seen the financial benefit. Fishbowl, Inc.’s platform provides actionable analytics that has moved the needle for us.”

“P.F. Chang’s is not only a great place to dine, they are a visionary marketer,” adds Jim Soss, CEO of Fishbowl, Inc. “They are truly pushing the envelope when it comes to next-generation marketing and digital marketing. P.F. Chang’s knows how to leverage the Fishbowl platform in creative ways to move the needle in same-store sales. This is a shared accomplishment, as going through this process helps Fishbowl, Inc. further hone our ability to drive success for other customers. With successes like these, we can stay on the leading edge of strategies that drive increased customer sales and satisfaction. We value our partnership with P.F. Chang’s, and the results we have achieved together.”

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